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The Port Arise Institute is a collaborative program between three long-standing neighborhood nonprofits: Community Art Center, Margaret Fuller Neighborhood House and Tutoring Plus. This multi-year project will provide services to individuals and families in the Port and help them in meeting their economic, social, and personal objectives.


The aim is to provide support to our community through uplifting families. Our Port Arise Family Advocate, Kosar Mohamed, will work with each family over the course of a year-long program, and follow them closely to help them work toward their goals. The intent is for the Port Arise Family Advocate to assist families by connecting them to existing community resources that they may not be aware of. Also, to help them streamline and navigate some of the processes involved in accessing these resources. 


The idea is to help the entire family; whatever that family might look like. Some families will be small, and others will be multigenerational. The assistance will be tailored to meet the specific needs of each family.

For more information, email Kosar Mohamed:

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For more information, email Kosar Mohamed:

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