Teen Media Program     

Youth in the Teen Media Program (TMP) become creative technology users by participating in media foundation classes. Media Foundations classes introduce youth to the digital arts and media literacy.


TMP offers a sequenced, multi-year curriculum that help youths hone their creative voice in Photography, Filmmaking, Graphic Design and Music Production. 

Fall and Spring Course Offerings 2019-2020


Intro to Film

This course is designed to cover three basic aspects of filmmaking. First, we will learn about the birth of cinema. This is done through studying various inventions which lead to capturing motion-picture. Second, we will be experimenting with technical side of filmmaking using DSLR/iphones to shoot and produce short films. Finally, we will learn some of the film theory through viewing films, discussion, and artist talk.

DIYDS!! Film Festival

  1. Lead and facilitate film festival outreach activities

  2. Collaborate with film festival manager and staff to design programmatic culminating


  3. Actively critique films and engage in social justice issue topic during curation process

  4. Promote, and serve as an ambassador for the DIYDS!! film festival at outreach events,

    online, and other venues

  5. Maintain paper and electronic files and ensure adequate record keeping, archiving of

    paper and digital artwork



To learn more, please contact our media program manager:


617-868-7100 x 117