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2020 Digital Public Art Exhibition

The Spring 2020 Public Art Crew faced unprecedented challenges this semester, having to navigate ways to create meaningful public art amidst a global pandemic and times of great change and reckoning for the Black liberation movement. Perhaps more than ever before, they found their voices in their artmaking practices, and in the creation of the following series. Scroll through the following images to see their pieces and read their Artist Statements to learn more about their work. While the pieces exist in the digital realm right now, we hope to display them in physical spaces as well during Summer 2020.  

meet the artists

Logian Ammer

Logian Ammer is a 15 year old artist who is inspired by many different artists. She enjoys creating paintings using acrylic paint, water colors, and sketching in general. The art pieces she has created were inspired by many different events that have effected her life, especially in this year. The pieces represent happiness, hope, and isolation. It can be a bit depressing but is meant to bring awareness to COVID-19 and the BLM movement. It shows power.

Greggy Bazile

Greggy Bazile is an aspiring architect and creative director based in Cambridge, MA. 


Greggy is a senior in high school, and dreams of operating under many hats. Whether it be drawing a wall mural, or creating visualizations for astronomical data - he’s pretty much done it all.  His involvement in his community has allowed him to produce work across different genres, a practice he considers interdisciplinary. 


"With this pandemic/quarantine relevant work, I’ve been in search of the best way to interpret current events while including pieces of myself through my perspective of the world we live in. I don’t limit myself to one medium, style or concept. Although my work is diverse this approach allows me to express different ideas in an effective way. Using my tablet I created drawings of self portraits based on the feelings and activities I’ve done since the world changed fourth months ago."

Salma Boukouj

Salma Boukouj is a 15 year old artist who uses a wide array of mediums, including paint, watercolor, and pencil. She is influenced by artists like Takashi Murakami and Shepard Fairey and uses art as an outlet to be creative and make a statement. Her process is self explanatory and isn’t overly complicated, although she did watch Avatar: The Last Airbender as she was creating this piece. 

It was inspired by recent events like the protests that have brought light to the constant injustice Black people in America face. It also takes inspiration from posters she has seen at the protests and Coronavirus overall, hence the face mask. 


Pandemic x2 stems from how racism is a dangerous pandemic that we’re facing along with the Coronavirus.

Salma Boukouj
Judetalina Daniel
Judetalina Daniel

Judetalina is a 14 year old artist from Cambridge. She likes exploring different mediums. Her work is inspired by the things she sees and what she is feeling. This piece was inspired by spring, she wants people to smile when they view her work.

Ayatt Eljack

Ayatt Eljack is a 15 year old artist who uses an array of materials such as acrylic paint, pencil, and Sharpie. She is influenced by a lot of artists on Instagram that use acrylic paint on canvas and create amazing masterpieces. Although this piece was inspired by things around her and the incidents that happened and things that are still ongoing in 2020. This piece was inspired by COVID-19, the Black Lives Matter movement, and many more events happening in the world right now. Overall this piece represents the many things happening within America and outside of it. This piece represents 2020. 

Ayatt Eljack