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Montserrat college Writing course

CAC X Montserrat

We are so excited to begin a partnership in Spring 2022 with Montseratt College! Community Art Center will be hosting a weekly English course, revolving around the storytelling form of anime and manga!

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The course

EN100 English Composition 1

Nearly every student going to college in the United States is required to take a first-year writing class. It is a class where students become familiar with various methods of essay writing and basic ways to build and support an academic argument. In this collaboration with Montserrat College of Art and the Community Art Center, students will have an opportunity to take this class BEFORE they apply to college, to earn credits that will get them one class closer to a college degree without having to spend thousands on tuition, and to HAVE FUN!

Our version of EN100 will have students read and watch Manga and Anime. Students will learn more about the history of these Japan-based art forms and write essays and make arguments about them. Education studies have shown that students learn best when they care about the material. For those students who enjoy Anime and Manga, this class will be an excellent way to stay engaged and start one’s college journey.


The class will meet in-person on Fridays, from February 11 to May 20, from 4:00PM to 6:30PM
at the Community Art Center and, each week students will have an online component as well.
This is a college-level course, and students will be expected to put in 10 hours of work a week
outside of the class meeting times. It is a big commitment!

College writing courses are not about teaching grammar or sentence structure. They are about
communicating ideas! Students signing up for this course should have passed two high school
English courses. You don’t need to be a great writer already -- that’s why you’re taking a class
-- but you need to be willing to try!

Credits: 3
Hours of expected commitment: approximately 9
Class meets: Fridays at Community Art Center, 4 - 6:30pm

Photos From THE Class

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