Staff Spotlight: Lionel Blaise Jr.

Last edited June 3, 2020


May 20, 2020

This week Lionel Blaise Jr., our Public Art and Upper School Teacher gives us a short but

sweet glimpse into his daily creativity practice, his illustration work, and his thoughts on the joy of kids!


A: Tell us about yourself and role your at Community Art Center.


L: I am the Public Art Teacher/ Group Leader for the Upper School Age group.


A: How do you exercise creativity inside and outside of the classroom?


L: Whether I'm at work or outside of work, I have a sketchbook in hand. It helps me with processing my thoughts and it's also something I fidget with. I have to keep my hands moving and my brain working. When teaching, I often participate in the same activities as the students.


A: What’s your favorite part of working with youth and at Community Art Center?


L: My favorite part of working with youth is seeing their eyes light up when something I've taught them makes sense to them. It is something that is infinitely gratifying to see and know that you've made an impact on a child's life, no matter how small it is. At the Art Center as a whole, it is great to work with like-minded people and use our strengths to collaborate with one another towards a common goal.


A: Where can people find your art?


L: My artwork is on Instagram You'll witness some common themes, which are characters and storytelling. I also design merchandise that I sell at


A: What have you been up to lately that has been keeping you sane inside? Any new art?


L: This year has been a pretty busy year for me. On top of working, I'm finishing up my degree in illustration at Mass Art, and being a father for the first time is a constant learning experience. This quarantine has given me an opportunity to spend more time with my family. I've also had the opportunity to create more artwork and broaden my skill set. This strange time we're in has shown me that the things that matter will outweigh the negative.

A piece from Lionel's thesis project for MassArt.

Athleisure superheroes from the DC Universe.


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