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Assorted Videos

The Port

The Port by Amarah Gonsalves, Nahla Foiz, and Xavier Montes


Originally premiered March 19th, 2021 during the 24th Annual Do It Your Damn Self!! Film Festival.

The Beginning (Part 1)

The journey of a teen who is bullied and his meditation and preparation to face his adversary.

The fight (Part 2)

After years of meditation and preparation, our hero is finally ready to face his fear and challenge is adversary, and stop his rein of terror in the neighborhoods.

Living with Divorced Parent

Getting used to divorced parents

Forever Censoring

Teens hanging out experience censorship  -- but do they really need to be censored?

The Strings of Pop Culture

A teen is controlled by pop culture like a puppet and its master and when he doesn't choose things for himself he ends hurting the ones around him.

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